Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bear Viewing Part 2: June 30

We also watched a mom with very young triplet cubs for about an hour, eating grass, playing, and napping about 30 feet from us (see photo above). We also saw three juveniles roughhousing nearby. After watching them play-wrestling for several minutes, we trekked into the forest toward another bear viewing area. Along the way we were taken by surprise as the juveniles, still in play-mode (which looks awfully similar to hunting-mode!), bounded right past us. Although they were less than 20 feet away, they didn't seem to know or care about our presence. This was an amazing day!


Coastal Tides Photography said...

Were you in a vehicle?

Jenny and Gabe Bowne said...

Nope...scary, isn't it?! Actually, this was when we were with the serious ranger guide who had multiple guns just in case.