Sunday, July 4, 2010

Drive to & Camping in Denali NP: July 1-2

July 1st: We drove 423 miles from Kenai to Denali National Park. A black bear ran out into the road in front of us, but he turned around and ran back into the woods and we were able to stop in time. We saw two moose (husband and wife?) feeding on the side of the road as we entered the park around 10pm. We tried to go to sleep with the bright sun shining into our tent at midnight! July 2nd: We started the day with only a couple of hours of sleep - got on the 6am bus tour of the park. Denali National Park doesn't allow private vehicles into the park past mile 14 - Savage River - where we were camping. The bus goes 4.5 hours through tundra and mountains to a remote visitor's center. You can hop off the bus at any point and catch another one passing by when you're ready. We got on and off several times to go hiking and saw moose, bears, two wolf packs, coyote, caribou, and sheep (all wildlife sightings were from the bus). On the way back to the campsite a lazy porcupine meandered across the road in front of us. WOW - a first for us and something new to cross off our list!