Sunday, June 6, 2010

We've arrived in Yellowstone

Today we drove 638.9 miles from St. George, Utah to West Yellowstone, Montana. Our northern location is very apparent by the light sky at 10:00pm. On the way here we saw our first wildlife: buffalo, a bald eagle, horses, cows, and sheep. We have seen a dramatic change of temperature. Yesterday it was 110 degrees outside of Baker, CA. When we left Utah this morning it was 91 degrees. Right now it's 47 degrees and rainy. We've got our fingers crossed for good weather tomorrow when we explore Yellowstone National Park.

Day 1 Down

Yesterday we managed to drive 401.3 miles to Saint George, Utah. We felt pretty proud since we didn't even finish packing until 4:30pm! Today the goal is Yellowstone...