Thursday, June 10, 2010

Moose & Calgary, Canada

Yesterday, June 9, as we were passing through St. Mary's - not too far from the Canadian border - we spotted a moose running alongside the road! We couldn't get the camera out fast enough to get a close-up, but we did manage to get it while it was eating back in the trees. There were three total moose, and this was our first time ever seeing them in the wild! Mileage update: 6/7 = 163.7 miles, 6/8 = 471.3 miles, 6/9 = 353.3 miles. We are now in Calgary, Canada. The drive here was beautiful with lots of open space, although Canadians sure do have funny driving rules. They seem to think it's okay to make U-turns in the middle of the freeway! The border crossing was very fast. It was one tiny building between two farms on either side of the border. We stayed in a youth hostel in the center of the city, and we got a chance to see the downtown area where we walked 4 miles and got dinner. It seemed as though everyone in the city was watching the Stanley Cup Finals...Chicago won, if anyone back home cares!